VC Rodeo Roundup Chopper's Show

Chopper's Magazine - VC Rodeo Roundup

August 25th from 5pm - 10pm

August 26th from 12pm - 5pm

This is one of the funnest events I've ever attended. It's a culmination of choppers, mustangs, bulls, ropin', buckin' and awards for everything. 

We will be popping up in the vendor area of the Fairgrounds in Virginia City, Nevada selling a few of our favorite shirts. 

When I get reincarnated, I want to come back as skinny as this bitch in the picture. The choppers are incredible at this show. Come out and see them, plus the people riding the animals, plus the bike stuff, plus the fun, plus the food and the vendors. You will enjoy this unique take on a day at the rodeo. Sign up to ride, run, race, show - Get a cool ass belt buckle. 

See Saturday August 26th. 

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