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    BW2701 4 Pack Multi/General Purpose Gloves

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    BW2701 4 Pack Multi/General Purpose Gloves

    BW2701 4 Pack Multi/General Purpose Gloves—booya! Include four pairs of Blu Water Gloves in four seriously fun colors—Red, Blue, Yellow, and Black! Get all the protection with some mega style. Great all around everyday work gloves

    Pack of 4 pairs of Blu Water General Purpose Gloves.

    4 colors, 1 of each color included in package (Red, Blue, Yellow & Black)

    Details Material
    Back of Hand & Fingers Material I-Mesh
    Color of 1st Glove Red
    Color of 2nd Glove Blue
    Color of 3rd Glove Yellow
    Color of 4th Glove Black
    Color Of Back of Hand Fingertips - Thumb, Index & Middle

    Finger Only

    Color of Hem on the wrist Black
    Color of Index finger & inside thumb reinforcement Black
    Color of Raised Printing Logo on the glove Black
    Color of Tab on the wrist Black
    Color of Thread for palm, thumb and fingers Black
    Inside Palm Padding 7mm Palm Padding
    Left Hand Glove Interior Tag Size tag
    Palm Side Color Black
    Stitch per inch 11-13 locking stitches per inch.



    Descriptions M L XL
    B - Back of Hand Width (back of the hand) 4 4.125 4.25
    H- Cuff Length (back of the hand) 1 1.25 1.5
    I- Cuff Width (back of the hand) 3.75 4 4.25
    Gathered Wrist Width 2.75 3.25 3.5
    A-Glove Length (back of the hand) 8.75 9.25 9.75
    F- Index Finger (palm side) 2.75 3 3.25
    E- Middle Finger Length (palm side) 3.185 3.325 3.5
    C- Pinky Finger Length (palm side) 2 2.25 2.5
    D- Ring Finger Length (palm side) 3 3.125 3.25
    G- Thumb Length (palm side) 2.75 3 3.125
    (All measurements are in "inches")


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