Trike at spring rally Virginia  City

The Spring Rally in June

So many factors were in play during the spring rally for my little company in Virginia City.  First the cost of the booth. The production company would have gotten an earful if I didn't think there was another way.  There is always another way.  A special Thank You to Vince, the Owner of The Delta Saloon for agreeing to share a portion of his parking lot.  For an extremely small business, and a local business to boot, I refuse to attempt to be in the same bracket as those larger semi-truck professional vendor booths. There tents are impressive, but they don't have what I have. My product is completely unique and anything they do have can be found right on my website.  Second was the weather. Cold and Windy! Not ideal riding weather, but I am so glad to have met the brave souls that took the ride. I think my designs are gaining some traction in our local area. So many told me they drove up specifically to get a shirt from me. That really makes my day. I met a wonderful women who just moved to the area from Hawaii, she was fun, she kept teaching me Hawaiian words.  Aloha, is all I can remember.  LOL .  We saw some very cool bikes and listened to some amazing sound systems off those bikes. Thank you for sharing your tunes, as there was no other entertainment on the street and my little speaker did a good job, but wasn't very loud.    One thing I heard from riders was that there were no rally shirts that said Virginia City on it. Well I have to say thank you to the production company for that, it made selling my Virginia City Motorcycle Company shirts all the easier.  

Thank you for attending the Spring Rally in Virginia City, Nevada. 

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