FYI:  to receive any "New Arrival" product by Christmas, please order by November 20th. 

The best part about print on demand and drop shipping

It took me a while to make the decision to drop ship my products. Drop shipping helps to reduce the carbon footprint.  I do not manufacture or stock any of the products on my website. So this means that I am helping to save our environment just a little bit each day.  The products ship to you direct from manufacturer and product warehouses.  Most items ship fast and you will see them soon.  It also reduces the gas used in the actual transport of the product. When you order a product from my website, the request goes direct to the warehouse, a great group of people gather, package and ship the item you want direct to your door. Print on Demand is exactly that. When you order a shirt, the print company pulls the shirt, places the design and ships direct to you. Being a small business owner, I do not have to keep tons of stock in my back room nor do I have to put out a ton of money for product to sit on a shelf and wait to be purchased. It's the best of both worlds. 



Please order your products as early as possible this year. Most leather goods will ship quickly, but once it's in the hands of the carrier, I have no control over when it will arrive. 

Most Shirts and Hoodies, should be ordered before December 5th to get them on time to go under the tree. Again, once it ships from the manufacturer, I have no control over how fast or slow it goes. 

This year, shipping is determined by the Post Office & UPS.  I'm sure those men and women are working extremely hard to get you the products as quickly as possible. I would like to encourage your patience with them as we all work through this dynamic time together.

Thank you for understanding.

Cheryl - Owner

Virginia City Motorcycle Company



Virginia City Motorcycle Company T-Shirts and Accessories utilizes a 3rd party shipper. (aka Drop-shipping)  You will find that our original designed T-Shirts are custom made just for you and shipped direct from the supplier.

New Arrivals Apparel - up to 30 Business Days to a US Address

Front/Back design shirts 7 - 15 days

All-Over shirt design  15-30 days

Hoodies all-over design  15-30 days

Some Jewelry 3-10 days

Leather goods from Daniel Smart 3-10 days

Bike Accessories from Daniel Smart 3-10 days

Helmets, Sunglasses, Boots, 3-10 days

Home Decor from,  3-10 days

The T-Shirts and Hoodies and Pillows take about 12 days from the time of your order - a few days to make and a few more to ship. They are all made to order. 

Shipping from US manufacturers:

Due to the restrictions that have been put in place, products shipped from the US may experience disruptions and delays.  Your order is important to us and we will be monitoring shipping as closely as possible to advise of any delays. 

If delays in shipping products become cancellations by the manufacturer we will gladly refund your money.  We thank you for your patients as this crisis winds down and hope you enjoy the products you purchase from us. 

-p.s., the pullover hoodies are super comfortable. 


CHRISTMAS:  After December 1st I can not guarantee delivery by Christmas on any product.  If you are ordering (from the USA) a Shirt or Hoodie with "all-over" printing or multiple colors/prints on one product (not the standard front logo with back design) Please Place your Order well before December 1st and your order should arrive before Christmas.

Please remember each T-Shirt is custom made just for you, so it will take 5-7 days to make and then time to ship.  I usually see these standard T-shirts arrive within 15 days from the time of order.



This is new to my little online store, but my manufacturer says it can be done.  So if you are interested in International Shipping, please chat with me first or send me an email.  I do not collect any Duties, Taxes or VAT or Import Taxes. You may have an additional charge when retrieving your item at the local post office. As time moves on and we acquire more and more international followers, we may make some adjustments. I appreciate your time and patience with me as I figure it all out.  International Shipping goes out via USPS International or DHL, as listed in the shipping options at checkout.  We will ship out using the most cost effective method possible. 

Please use my "chat with us" option if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer.  

If you experience a problem with the item after it arrives, please see our return policy page. 

Thank you,

Cheryl - Owner

Virginia City Motorcycle Company