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    Cycle Care Envirogreen Rinse-less Wash and Wax- 16oz

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    10016 Formula Envirogreen Rinse-less Wash and Wax- 16oz

    This new technology which conserves water, allows you to wash your Motorcycle anywhere, and be compliant with all Municipal Restrictions, Hotels, Apartments, Condos, etc. This NO RINSE BIKE WASH captures the dirt with a lubricating, distillate free resin which prevents scratching and abrasion of surfaces. As you towel dry, you are creating that “Wet Wax” shine and durability,  for which Cycle Care® has become famous. Cycle Care Formula Environgreen no rinse bike wash creates an impenetrable glossy shine that last for miles and miles. Windshields and Face Shields will thank you for using this product on a routine basis.  Quickly remove bug and road grime with a prior application of Formula Environgreen by Cycle Care. 

    • Certified for use on all plastics and Clear Coats
    • Non Streaking, Easy Spray and Wipe application (spray nozzle not included)
    • Quick and Easy BUG RESIDUE Removal
    • Prevents BUG Residue from sticking to motorcycle surfaces
    • Contains NO Silicones, Petroleum Distillates, Ammonia, or Alcohol
    • Cleans Polishes and Protects, Lexan, Plexiglas, Acrylics and
    • Factory Coated Windscreens
    • Makes water ""bead and blow"" from Windscreens , Face Shields, Glasses and Goggles ( Ride all day behind an 18 Wheeler.)
    • 50 State compliant


    1. Add two (2) capfuls per gallon of water (0.5oz)
    2. Wash one area at a time with a Microfiber Mitt 

    Note: You must wipe dry while wet.

    3. Dry and shine with a clean Microfiber Towel which will create that durable “Wet Wax” shine and protection.

    If surface dries before wiping, reapply as above

    Just Pennies Per Wash • No Rinsing • No Hose Required • No Wet Floors • Conserves Water

    Note: Extremely dirty Bikes could require a second application and fresh microfiber for the drying/polishing procedure.


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