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BB-101 Skull Dragon Diamond Bell

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BB-101 Skull Dragon Diamond Bell

Vicious and calculating this skull dragon with a red gem eye, he is smiling slightly just ready to goble those gremlins and give you a smooth ride. 

Bravo Bells are made in the USA using state of the art lead-free pewter. Each Bravo Bell comes with a 24mm nickel plated split ring and a 2″x2 1/2″ velveteen drawstring black bag.


  • Weight 1.0 oz
  • 24mm split ring
  • Velveteen drawstring bag
  • Made in the USA
  • Lead-free pewter
  • Bravo Bell is a trademark of Bravo Bells LLC


Most bikers know about gremlins.  They’re the evil little creatures who lay out traps of road debris.  Re-treads, boxes, mufflers, diesel fuel….  Or deploy invisible devilish devices that puncture tires or break chains.  They also chase deer out onto the road in front of bikers.


Few believe bravo guardian bells actually warn off evil.  Yet they’re a great tradition, and a great way to remind fellow bikers why they need to stay safe.  But there are a few rules.

  • Hang a Bravo Bell from the lowest part of your bike.  Gremlins will be trapped in its hollow if they try to reach for your bike.  And hang the Bravo Bell towards the front as the ringing drives them away.
  • If you buy your own guardian bell the magic does work.
  • But if you receive one as a gift from a friend or loved one the magic is twice as strong.
  • If you steal a guardian bell off someone else’s bike you’ll get all the gremlins they would have had, on top of your own.
  • If you ever sell your bike, keep the Bravo Bell.  It’s a precious gift of love and good will.



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