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J153 Chrome 1 1/8" Spikes- 4 per Pack

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J153 Chrome 1 1/8" Spikes- 4 per Pack

Step up your helmet game with our chrome-plated screw-on spikes, featuring pewter accents and measuring 1 inch in height.

Looking for an edgy and rough look on your apparel? The J153 Chrome 1 1/8" Spikes- 4 per Pack is what you need. These Screw-On Spikes offer a chrome plated finish with pewter spikes designed to enhance the appearance of your helmet, wristbands or even dog collars. These one-inch spikes add attitude and dynamism to any outfit by highlighting one's unique personality without compromising comfort or quality. In addition, these spikes can be easily attached using its screw-on feature that guarantees stability and longevity. When it comes to accents that make a statement, the J153 Chrome 1 1/8" Spikes-4 per Pack will surely leave an impression wherever you go!


  • Enhance your helmets looks with Screw-On Spikes for edgy coolness
  • The Chrome Plated finish adds a sleek and stylish touch to your wristband
  • Your dog Spike will love these 1" chrome plated spikes on his collar or leash
  • Pewter Spikes offer durability and longevity for long-term use

Screw-On Spikes 1" Chrome Plated Pewter Spikes


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