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    BB-86 Motorcycle Bell

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    BB-86 Motorcycle Bell

    Bravo Bells are made in the USA using state of the art lead-free pewter. Each Bravo Bell comes with a 24mm nickel plated split ring and a 2″x2 1/2″ velveteen drawstring black bag.

    What do Motorcycles Symbolize? (question and answer found on Quora website)

    This sounds like the kind of question only a non-motorcyclist would ask.

    You know, the people who think of motorcycles as just one more kind of Shiny Loud Dangerous Thing That Stinks And Goes Fast and therefore attracts a certain kind of antisocial male user, and the females who are attracted to that kind of male. I would bet that more than half of US adults think of motorcycles in that manner, when they think of them at all.

    Motorcyclists hardly ever think of motorcycles in that manner, unless said motorcyclist is no more than a poser, a faker, who uses his motorcycle as a fashion ornament.

    To many people worldwide (fewer in the US), motorcycles symbolize cheap, motorized transportation, a heavenly gift to a family that used to have to walk or take the bus everywhere it went. Don’t snort at that - such additional mobility is literally revolutionary, especially in places where cars are economically out of reach to most people.

    To a gearhead, or a customizer, motorcycles symbolize the bare minimum of machine that can actually carry you around: a motor with 2 wheels. The resulting power-to-weight ratio is awesome and for those who love fine engineering, the mechanical bits are all right out there for everyone to see, dangling in the breeze.

    To a touring rider, motorcycles symbolize the freedom of the open road, going wherever the spirit takes you, with minimal extra baggage, little to get in the way of experiencing the countryside you are riding through.

    To a formal or informal racer, be he a racetrack hound or a back road burner or canyon carver, a motorcycle symbolizes maneuverability, control, and focus in a way few other sports can do for so sustained a high. Sure, downhill skiing can do that, but your run is over in a few minutes. At that point, your road race or back road tour is just getting started and goes on for hours.

    To the big-city commuter, a motorcycle symbolizes the freedom from the aggravation of clogged traffic and limited parking, with its ability to split lanes to get ahead of the clogs, and to park in the tiniest of places.

    But mostly, if you’re sitting around trying to think of what motorcycles symbolize, you’re doing something wrong, in the eyes of most motorcyclists. Just get out and ride!

    By:  Michael Jacobs


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