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    GBW202 Leather Biker Whip-Orange/Black

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    GBW202 Leather Biker Whip-Orange/Black

    The Motorcycle Get Back Whip. The length of the whip should be run from your handlebars to your foot peg or crash bar. Using a weighted end will keep it from flapping around too much. The flapping can help catch the eye of a cage who might not see you. Use the Get Back Whip to warn a cage coming into your lane. Whip at a dog chasing you down and nipping at your heels. Check your local area for laws preventing whips. Also check your local motorcycle club colors. Don't put the wrong color on your bike, lean toward neutral colors. Of course Harley Davidson is traditional Black and Orange.  


    • silver-tone hardware,
    • black/orange genuine leather,
    • quick-release clip, Snap Release, Panic Release
    • braided around a thick nylon core,
    • and handcrafted.

    Measures 42'' long.


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