From the Family Photo Album

Harley Davidson's, Thor's, Excelsior -

you name it and we had it.  

My great uncle Ernie rode his brand new 1920’s J-model Harley “Polly” during the Oakland Motorcycle Club events.  And Grandpa Terrell had a custom 2nd seat installed on his Thor just for Grandma.  In 1918 the Humphries traveled everywhere in any weather with the sidecar attached to their Excelsior.  In the 1970's the family custom built a trike out of a old meter-maid frame.  And the list of bikes goes on and on.

If you have a family photo with a classic vintage bike, and you want it on a t-shirt, get in touch, maybe I can help out. 

Take a ride back in time to a town right out of the old west, where motorcycles are a lifestyle.

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