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Get your motor running at Virginia City Motorcycle Company! We've got the coolest and most original designs around. We promise you will not find another brand like it anywhere. Our badass designs and gear are perfect for any Motorcycle adventure.

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Black Hearted Gypsy Motorcycle Apparel

Black Hearted Gypsy Motorcycle Apparel

The Best Motorcycle T-Shirt Some bikes let you relax and enjoy - this... 

Men's Vests

Men's Vests

If you're looking for protective gear that's cooler than your leather jacket... 

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All of my designs are custom unique pieces of art. Drawn by a local artist and displayed courageously on T-Shirts and Hoodies just for motorcycle enthusiasts that love Nevada and riding the twisties up State Route 341 to Virginia City.

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Patches & Stickers +

Patches & Stickers +

OUR COLLECTION OF ACCESSORIES We strive to create quality products for all... 



WHY WEAR LEATHER MOTORCYCLE CHAPS Motorcycle chaps and pants are a versatile... 

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    I love Instagram and I have fun posting vintage pictures of bikes and people having fun. Especially me!

    You can join us on Facebook too

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    Email Me

    If you are having any difficulty with a design, a product, an order, want to check something first.... Please email me. I am happy to help.

    Or click Chat button below!

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    Sales Events

    You can find us throughout the year selling our T-shirts.

    See the events page for details.

    April, the VCGP.

    June, the Spring Rally

    August, the VC Rodeo Roundup

    September, the Fall Rally

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Bling for You



Chain Bracelets, Leather Bracelets, Skull Bracelets, Stainless Steel Bracelets, Bike Chain Bracelet.... 

Bling for your Bike

Bike Bags & Luggage +

Bike Bags & Luggage +

TYPES OF MOTORCYCLE BAGS Motorcycle bags attach to different parts of your... 

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