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I love Instagram and I have fun posting vintage pictures of bikes and people having fun. I hope you join us on social media.

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If you are having any difficulty with a design, a product, an order, want to check something first.... Please email me. I am happy to help.

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Original Family Photo

H.T. Terrell and his 1912 Thor Motorcycle straight out of my family album. I believe the vintage photo embodies the essence of VC Motor Co.

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1970 Meter Maid Service Bike Trike  Virginia City Motorcycle Company

1970 Custom Build Trike

My mother's bike. She took me to the grocery store more than once on this dream. We have fashioned it into a great design.

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My Grand Adventures

Nowhere, Nevada

Cheryl Curtis

Had a good ride out to the middle of Nevada. Along the loneliest highway just sitting off the side of the road stands...

Frostbite Free Ride

Cheryl Curtis

It was a great winters day for a ride with Battle Born Harley Davidson of Carson City. I met some great people. Enjoy...

Last ride before the snow

Cheryl Curtis

It’s been a great year for riding for me. I’ve met some fabulous people and learned some little tricks for my bike. H...
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