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I love Instagram and I have fun posting vintage pictures of bikes and people having fun. Especially me!

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VC Roundup Rodeo* Bike Show* Truck Show

October 8 - 9, 2021

Choppers Magazine is coming to Virginia City, NV . They will be hosting a grand event of Choppers and Trucks. We will be there, but since I don't own a Chopper. I will be in my 1984 Suburban. For more details check out

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My Grand Adventures

Street Vibes 2021

Cheryl Curtis

Holy Cow! What an incredible party. Street Vibrations in Virginia City, NV was by far one of the most amazing parties...

Friday Night under Stadium Lights

Cheryl Curtis

I love the races.  This year at the Outlaw Flat Trac races in Carson City my brother raced to support the local Firem...

Getting out of the smoke

Cheryl Curtis

It’s been a weird smoky hot summer here in Northern Nevada. But I was able to take a fun little ride down to Walker, ...
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