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    Cycle Care Formula 1- Whitewall Tire & Wheel Cleaner- 22oz

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    01022 Formula 1- Whitewall Tire & Wheel Cleaner- 22oz

    Cycle Care Formula 1, is a blend of specifically formulated non-corrosive cleaners that safely dissolve and remove grease, oil, road dirt and brake dust from motorcycle tires and wheels. Formula 1 is an excellent white wall cleaner and brake dust emulsifier. Safe and biodegradable product, which will not harm any surface that water will not harm, such as chrome, aluminum, clear or powder coated wheels and etc.

    • Safe to use anywhere you can use water.
    • Dissolves brake dust, road grime, tar, grease, etc. (Agitation required in extremely neglected situations.)
    • Spray Formula 1 on white wall tires and scrub with a brass tire brush (such as the 607-118 Cycle Care Whitewall Tire Brush - not available here), for brilliant white results.
    • Note: Brass will not scratch chrome
    • Spray Formula 1 on wheels to soften brake dust accumulation.
    • Agitate with brush to loosen brake dust build-up.
    • Cleans but will not dull Powder Coated Engines

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