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Cycle Care Formula 4- Leather, Vinyl & Rubber Conditioner 8oz

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04008 Formula 4- Leather, Vinyl & Rubber Conditioner 8oz

Cycle Care Formula 4, is a unique, pleasantly scented formulation of premium quality polymers designed to restore the luster and softness to vinyl, leather, and rubber surfaces. In addition, Cycle Care Formula 4 protects against ultra-violet rays, cracking, repels water, and prolongs the life and like-new appearance of the materials. Applied to rubber, Cycle Care Formula 4 creates a water repellent new appearance, helps prevent tire weather cracking and increases soil resistance. You may also use Cycle Care Formula 4 to restore factory finish to touring bike instrument panel/dash and top facing panels.

  • True conditioner - Restores natural oils to vinyl, leather, and rubber, leaving renewed luster.
  • Contains no silicones - Therefore no slipperiness, greasiness, or film residue.
  • Protects against ultraviolet rays
  • Creates a water repellent new appearance 

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