Virginia City Motorcycle Company at the VC Grand Prix with Dirt Bikes

Virginia City Grand Prix 2023

Well the date has been announced. April 22-23, 2023.  Sitting high on top of the Virginia Range, just to the East of Lake Tahoe and up State Route 341 from Reno, Nevada. The athletes that compete in this endurance desert race are finely tuned machines. Racing around rocks and boulders, over crevasses and through dirt washboards. The racers of the Virginia City Grand Prix Motorcycle Race are some of my favorite people. In years past the weather has not always cooperated with us in the vendor booths, but muggy, rainy, overcast days are perfect for this 23 mile race as it pushes each rider to the edge of their limits.  My family has been attending and participating in this race since it began in 1971 when it was dubbed the Mother's Day Race and would run in May of each year. Something made my mother oddly proud of her son who would say, "Mom! I want you to pit for me this year in the Grand Prix. Yes, I know it's mother's day, but it'll be fun, and we will be together - isn't that all you want anyway?" But, no matter the day, mom, son and the whole family are in attendance.  I believe my brother raced his last one in 2022 coming in 71st overall and 2nd in his 50+ Expert Class. But you never know....

This year our Virginia City Motorcycle Company booth hopes to bring something a little extra special to the racing community.  We have begun to incorporate our motorcycle and skull home decor in the overall look and feel of the booth and we think you will like it. Yes, we will still have T-shirts. We know you all fell in love with our "Make Checkpoints Great Again" T-Shirt last year, we will have a few more this year. But we also hope to bring something else, something fun and enjoyable for the entire family. It will be a family event again for us, as my mother will be there helping out, my kids set up the booth, and my friends will be there to help your purchase our great selection of goods. 

This race is a great family event, I hope to see you there.. 

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