A VCGP Drawing Party

Cheryl Curtis

I’d never been to a drawing party so it was quit an experience. You buy a ton of raffle tickets. Then get ready to win great stuff from companies such as KTM, FOX, all the big names and area businesses. And stand close to the stage so when they just throw things into the crowd you have a chance to grab a freebie. Then they mixed in auction items. Someone got an open face helmet for $40. Lesson Learned!  The MC’s were non-stop calling out ticket numbers. Handing out gift certificates, jackets, bike tires, and of course T-Shirts!   A great time was had by all at the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City. I won a riding jacket. I hope those that won my T-Shirts enjoy them.  I am looking forward to the event at the end of April - VCGP 2019 Here We Come!!

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