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Did some social distancing

Saturday. No wind. 80 degrees. No traffic to speak of. Smooth sailing all the way out to Middlegate, Nevada. It sits just about 50 miles due east of Fallon along the loneliest highway. The shoe tree sits just about a mile east of a crazy little watering hole that has been all the rage for years. It will never get any bigger. Or any better, as it boasts the worlds best burgers. I had a corn dog so I can’t vouch for it. But the atmosphere is amazing even with the gathering restrictions.  The whole day taught me a few things about the ride. Going fast versus going slow. Having a destination versus wandering aimlessly. Going with a friend versus going alone. I’ve never been a passenger so I can’t speak to that but riding your own bike is absolutely the best thing I’m the world. And picking the right riding music. ( Warning do not stop playing your music as you will loose the connection and you will be stuck music-less in the middle of Nevada.) 

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