My New Normal

Cheryl Curtis

There are always road bumps in life. And when that happens you get on your bike and you ride. This is what I’ve been discovering over the last few weekends. They’re short rides but they’re fun. My adventure yesterday took me on Highway 89 over Monitor Pass between Markleeville and Topaz. I lived in Carson Valley almost all my life and I’ve never been on that road before. And for it being the first time ever and the first time was on my bike I’d say it was definitely a positive experience. Of course I stopped in a dirt turn out and took a picture at what I believed to be the summit. Then, just a minute down the road was a paved turn out - oh well - I got my picture. I am going to ride that road again - maybe video tape it for you. Very twisty!  Very fun!  That was Saturday. Today was Fathers Day. So I went and found my Dad and made him take his bike out. It was again,  another perfect day. From Holbrook Junction we had a bite in Smith Valley at Rosies  then headed South on the 338 to Bridgeport. Another great road. Not to twisty but no traffic at all -what a delight. I saw my father taking curves at 65mph, so, of course, I had to keep up. It was another first!  First time ever on that road. First time ever riding with my Dad.  And it’s just the beginning. 

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