Sweet Family Ride

I really like the connection I have again with the men in my family. Learning to ride a motorcycle has been the best decision I’ve made in my life. Trust me those kinds of decisions don’t come around that often.  I had a great time and even learned a trick or two. “Must work on parking in a group!”  We started in south Carson and took the foothill road through Genoa and after passing some really great farmhouses we stopped in Markleeville. Then a not so fast rip over Monitor Pass to Topaz Lake. Where my brother thought it would be a good idea to work on my bike. So we got out the tools and adjusted my handlebars. Love that about him! No shop required - just get it done. We got home by noon. Relaxing and enjoyable.  Oh! I forgot to mention the virtual poker run I went on the weekend before that. I can say I didn’t win 🙁 and the ride was excruciating on the back side of Lake Tahoe with all the weekend California traffic. Imagine rush hour on a single lane road. One reason I live in Nevada. But I had the pleasure of meeting some fabulous people - I learned a really good lesson, which I will share with you during a face-to-face encounter. All I can say from these past two weekends is I can’t wait till next weekend. 

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