VC Grand Prix

Well we did it. We got a booth at the Grand Prix. We loaded it with our great merchandise and we had a wonderful time meeting and visiting with all the competitors and their families. As a group we are long time attendees to the VC Grand Prix. Individually some were first time spectators but we had a wonderful time watching the race from the back of The Delta Lot. I had a personal interest in the race as my brother, who is also the artist of my designs raced on Saturday and completed a grueling 5 laps. I asked is he was supposed to do 5 laps, he was unsure. But he finished in the top 50 over-all and 7th in his class. So I am very happy he made it. As did all riders-no major incidents to report in this years race.  I can honestly say there is never a bad time in Virginia City. Thank you to the Virginia City Motorcycle Club for hosting an incredible time to kick off the 2019 party season.
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