Virginia City Grand Prix 2022

Virginia City Grand Prix 2022

Seems we were just here...? 

My dear sweet (older than me) brother races every year in this endurance desert race from hell and he placed 2nd in 50+ expert class and an incredible 71st over-all.  Along with his win, we had reason to celebrate as the rain and the snow all stopped just for us this weekend (I won't mention the wind, because it didn't cooperate one bit). It was a great turnout, we met people from across the country and across the street.  Everyone enjoyed my levity on a pastime long gone as most would beg for them to "Make Checkpoints Great Again!"  I do believe our booth was the talk of the race as well as the town during the after party.  Thank you to the VCGP for hosting us and providing a parking lot full of vendors and services. I really can't say enough about the experience, other than _ See You Next Year!


...... Guess 71st isn't that impressive unless you knew he started at spot 128 and there were approximately 450 riders in Saturday's race........  Congrats Brother!

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