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    WC17612 27" Wallet Chain in Chrome Color

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    WC17612 27" Wallet Chain in Chrome Color

    A chain for a wallet is a must-have for any person. A wallet quadruple round link chain is a chain with a lobster clasp on one end that fastens to your belt and a split ring for the wallet end. The primary purpose of a wallet chain is to keep your wallet safe.

    Like so many pieces of Nineties fashion, chain wallets are back in style. But, unlike baggy pants or bucket hats, the best wallet chains aren't just stylish — they're highly useful too.

    Clip the chain to the wallet's “grommet,” which is the loop or ring attached to the accessory. Secure the other end of the chain to a front belt loop. Then, slip the wallet into your back pocket, so you can grab it easily. Most people like to keep their wallet along the same side as their dominant hand.


    • 24" chain
    • Length including clips 27"
    • Clasp and Split Ring on ends
    • Decorative Quadruple Round Link Chain
    • Chain Links measure approx. 1/2" 



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