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BZP-37 Wing Wheel Zipper Pull Extender

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Bravo Bell Wing Wheel Zipper Pull Extender


The ultimate Zipper Extender! Our Bravo Zipper Pulls are created with state-of-the-art, lead-free pewter, right here in the US of A. This sweet winged-motorcycle wheel zipper pull adds the perfect amount of pizzazz to your pockets when you've got gloves on.

It's a small-yet-mighty way to make zipping a breeze, even for those with less dexterity. As for what we call em'... well, that's an open debate. Zip pulls, slider pulls, zipper heads, zip extenders - whatever you call these impressive components, they're essential and often taken for granted... until you need them!


  • Each of our Bravo zipper pulls come with a 1" lanyard hook. 
  • Installs easily.
  • Zipper pull measures roughly 2" x 1" without the hook.
  • Made in USA

Streamline and simplify zipping with this helpful tool.



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