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R156 Stainless Steel Laughing Face Skull Biker Ring

R156 Stainless Steel Laughing Face Skull Biker Ring

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R156 Stainless Steel Evil Laughing Face Skull Biker Ring

A biker ring is a manifestation of their superstition. They believe that certain symbols these rings carry can save them from trouble, bring good luck, and even drive the death away. Bikers are not the only people who wear good luck symbolism, but they do it in the most badass manner.

A skull ring is a way of embracing and understanding your fate. While the skull acts as a reminder of death, it also carries an important message. Your time is limited, so you should make the most of it. Seize every day you have and live life to the fullest. Skulls can also symbolize the power of life.

SIZES 8 - 13


(in) (mm) (in) (mm) USA UK CN IN IT
8 16
17 17
0.746 18.95 2.34 59.5 9 R   ½ 18 19.5
0.778 19.76 2.44 62.1 10 20 22 22
0.81 20.57 2.54 64.6 11 23 25 24.75
12 25
0.874 22.20 2.75 69.7 13 27 30 29.75

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We only use US sizes – full sizes only so please inform your jeweler to give you your size in US Size to the nearest full size.


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