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P3143 American Flag Vet Patch

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American Flag Vet Patch

This is a 3x2 embroidered American Flag patch with VET embroidered in black over it.

Are you a veteran? If you've been in the military and seen combat, you definitely qualify. Even those who spent years in the military but didn't participate in combat directly are still veterans. The term is used around the world for those who have worked hard in the service of their countries. If you've left the military and are enjoying your life as a biker, why not add one of these Military Patches to your jacket and let others know? You've earned the respect of others for your service, so let them know about it. The American Flag VET Patch is a nice, simple patch that is patriotic and looks nice on many different types of clothing.

This flag is a simple U.S. flag with a thick black background and the word 'VET' stamped across the lower red and white stripes. It's simple, it's great looking, and it works very well on the shoulder, back, or even the front of your vest or jacket. You can also use it to cover rips in your pants or to add a little decoration to older clothing.

The Vet flag patch measures three by two. This is an embroidered patch or applique which can be ironed on to just about any type of clothing. The only thing you can't iron it on to is leather because the heat will damage the material. Instead, you can sew it on. That's made very easy because of the black die cut borders that go all the way around the patch.

Veterans Day is fast approaching so I'd like to turn your attention to the American Flag VET patch at The Cheap Place. You can find it in the Flag Patches section along with various other flags and flag-related pieces. The thing that makes this one unique is the fact that it has the word ""VET"" printed in black across the bottom. It is specifically designed to honor our military veterans and their exceptional patriotism.

I mentioned Veterans Day because on November 11, thousands of military veterans around the country will be out in force collecting donations for various veterans associations. They'll be at department stores, shopping malls, hospitals, and so on. If you see them, you should most definitely make a financial donation. But might also suggest that if you know you're going to be visiting a place where veterans will be on that day, you purchase a handful of these patches and give them to the vets along with your donation.

Many of our older veterans who served in Korea and Vietnam feel as though they are the forgotten ones. Giving them one of these patches would be a show of support and a demonstration that you have not forgotten. If you order today you'll get them in plenty of time for Veterans Day. And if your order is $10 or more, The Cheap Place will even throw shipping in for free. That's a great deal that makes it to honor our veterans.

Critiquing The American Flag Vet Patch

If you have been part of the US military or a veteran then, you must certainly get this American Flag Vet Patch stitched onto your jacket. The patch can make you travel back in time and make you nostalgic about the combats that you would have had with the enemy groups. Well, even otherwise, this patch is a must wear on the vests and jackets of people who are fanatics about those brave soldiers who would have sacrificed their lives for their nation. Getting this US flag vet patch stitched on a black jacket can make you look dashing and amazing.

  • 3x2 inch
  • Embroidered Patch for Jackets and Vests
  • 100% Rayon Thread Synthetic Embroidery. Plastic Backing with Japanese Iron on Glue. Twill Fabric.
  • Customize your Clothing with Patches
  • Sew on the Patch to Leather Jackets or Vests. Iron on the Patch to Denim Materials.
  • Features Plastic Iron on Backing. Heat Press at 270 Degrees Fahrenheit for 12-30 Seconds
  • Clean Cut Embroidered Borders for Easy Sewing


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